Saturday, 4 February 2012

Long time no post. LoL, Download, TDWP.

Hey guys I'm back. YAYAYAYAY.
So my illness seems to have pissed off forever which is good. (I say forever, but really I mean, it'll come back in like a week)

I wanna start by saying I'm gonna post quite less than I used to, I think I overflowed my blog with too many posts.

Anyway, League of Legends. I started doing ranked matches again (Solo Queue) after I stopped ages ago because I got annoyed with bad players on my team. (I stopped with a win/loss of 12/15 -.-) I've done 3 matches so far and they've all been victories which is incredibly lucky. I hope I can keep the luck, eventually I'm gonna start ONLY queueing for ranked and just try farm my rating up.

I really REALLY want to go because I wanna see Metallica really badly (And some others but Metallica mostly). but not having a job and also wanting to build a new computer (new computer is top priority, mine is OLLLDDDDD) is making it difficult.
I'd like to know what you guys think of the line up :) You can view it > HERE <
I think it'd be fun to go, a lot of my mates are going and I'd probably be drunk 90% of the time. (not saying that's the fun part, but I do like a good drink)

And finally, The Devil Wears Prada, a band I've liked for a very very long time are playing in a town near me on the 14th of this month, and I will be going to see them. Really looking forward to it, I'll tell you how it goes :)

That's all I think, just wanted to tell you what's going on, and I'll make sure I post quite regularly, and if my LoL rating improved I'll make a post about that too :D

CYA :):):)


  1. I'd quite like to go to download festival also! My mates will probably be drunk all the time too.. maybe see you there xD

  2. Pretty great line up, could definitely go for some of those.

  3. Great lineup, looks like a good time for everyone who goes. Speaking of LoL, I just recently started playing again at the urging of my friends. I made a new account (forgot my old one) and work on it every now and then. Currently only level 13 though haha. If you want to play some non ranked games though, add me, Wonderonous.

  4. As the old saying goes, "you only live once" I would vote for go.

  5. If I go it will be for Black Sabbath, Megadeth and Metallica.

  6. i have still not played LoL. I feel like it's too late in the game for me to start now

  7. Jealous much! I'd kiillllll to see Devil Wears Prada! So lucky! They never play near me :c
    Have fun at Download! :D

  8. Welcome back! Glad you're feeling better :)