Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Favourite Item. Best Item.

Jungler, Solo Top Bruiser, AD Carry. Doesn't matter, GET A WRIGGLES ;) It's the best item in the game.

A description was requested, a description will be given :P
+30 Armor
+23 Attack Damage
+15% Life Steal
On hit 20% chance for target minion/monster to suffer 425 magic damage.
Unique: Places a Sight Ward at target location. 3 minute cooldown. (600 cast range).
Total Cost: 1600g

(League of Legends is the game this is from. Free to Play. Sign up here:


  1. A description of what it does and costs and whatnot would be nice. Haven't played LoL in ages. |:

  2. I think the total cost is 1600 gold

  3. for what game is that item? LOL?

  4. It's a nice item for Solo Top and Junglers, wouldn't recommend for AD Carries tho. Since they're all about rushing late game items.

  5. I only like it on AD carry now for it's amazing sustain and early dragon opportunities. If it cost anything more I wouldn't even consider it, it's so cost effective. I used to never see it but I'm seeing it a lot more now.