Saturday, 31 December 2011

LoL Match History 30/12/2011

So I've decided, every day (If I play League of Legends) I'm gonna post my match histories, I can go into details as to which items I bought and where I played in each game if you'd like to know.

So today, 6 games, 3 wins. Not too bad I think, could be better but I just can't get the hang of Tryndamere and Rammus in the jungle. And the Skarner game, I was just countered completely.
However the wins, (especially the Gangplank one) were very good :P



  1. I remember playing LoL. Ages ago now, don't know why I ever stopped..might have to get back into now haha

    I follow back

  2. LoL is indeed an awesome game, been playing it for about 7 months.
    If you need tips for jungling, I'd tell you to watch Saintvicious stream, jungler for Counter-Logic Gaming, one of the best teams in the world.

  3. I can't stand Lol, sorry, but nice story, i just got me dota 2 from steam !!

  4. @Tiago Oliveira
    He's my favourite streamer, always watch him. It's also a huge bonus that he's funny aswell, makes it even more entertaining. :)

    Thanks all