Thursday, 19 January 2012

IEM Kiev: Day 1.

1st. TSM 3-0
2nd. SK Gaming 2-1
3rd. Curse 1-2
4th White Lotus 0-3

So as you can see my predictions were a little bit off, I got the 3rd and 4th place right.

But anyway these are the 2 teams I wanted to see go through.
SK's only loss was to TSM which was unexpected, it was a very one way game.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow because I haven't really seen any of the Group B teams properly play before, so it should be interesting.

I will post about how I feel some of the games went in later posts. :)


  1. I had no idea LoL could get so competitive...

  2. LoL has come such a long way! I can't believe how big of an esport it is now!!!

  3. I need to watch some of these games. watching pros has really helped my SC2 game, so maybe I can become better at LoL. Problem is I main urgot and almost no one uses him.