Thursday, 5 January 2012

LoL Match History 04/01/2012

More games than usual ;)
Lot's of losses though, I cant really remember these games much. I know in the Tryndamere one I completely destroyed their Gangplank top lane in terms of creep kills and towers and stuff, but then some people on my team just gave him some kills and he carried.
Dominion as Mordekaiser was funny ;p he does big damage.

Anyway, if you want more info about these games let me know.

You can sign up to League of Legends here: It's free to play and using this referral link helps me out, thanks.

Important: This will be my final LoL match history upload. I don't feel as though they're interesting enough, instead every now and then if I have an amazing game as someone, I will upload a picture of the match history, my items, and give a description as to what I did during the game. Thanks.


  1. Cool Cool, only played 1 game yesterday :(

  2. What's your username? Feel free to add me (DonKedik) I'm not lvl 30 but I usually play in the level 30 matchmaking with my brother and his friends.

  3. @DanRobitzski: My username is Stormylol, I play on EU West