Saturday, 21 January 2012

IEM Kiev: Day 2 + Semi Finals

Didn't post about Day 2 yesterday so I'm doing it now along with how the Semi Finals went.

Group B results:
1st. M5 3-0
2nd. Dignitas 2-1
3rd. aAa 1-2
4th. Sypher 0-3

So my predictions were pretty much way off for Sypher, I really thought after there display in New York they would have done a lot better at this event, I was clearly wrong.
So anyway this put M5 and Dignitas through to the semi finals from this group. The semi finals are best 2 out of 3, unlike the Group Stages which were only 1 game against each team.
The semi finals games were to be.

M5 vs SK Gaming
TSM vs Dignitas

Semi Final results:
M5 beat SK Gaming 2 - 0
TSM beat Dignitas 2 - 0

M5 and TSM are through to the Finals, and of course there will be a match for 3rd place between Dignitas and SK gaming. I can't wait to see both. TSM and M5 are currently undefeated in this tournament, I've gotta say though, M5 are looking a LOT stronger.
I'll update you about the Finals tomorrow which is when they are taking place.