Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Song of the Day (11/01/2012)

After the Burial - Pendulum
Quite a recent song by them, I love the intro. Enjoy!

I am fading
I feel I am losing myself
Wishing I could be someone I'm not
I know somewhere there's a mirror that can show me who I am
Because I will never know
Constantly bending
Engulfed by my history
So scared of letting go
Beyond everything
I wish I could be
I am just a man
The sun will never shine me
I am lost inside the meaningless
We lose control
Like a pendulum
I forgot where I came from
Holding on to the weight of regret
We lose control
Swing me back and forth again
You gave and you bled
Now I'm picking up the pieces of my broken heart
Blocked out
My shattered glass past
Now I'm picking up the pieces I have swept away
We lose control
Swing me back and forth again


  1. Same as you, the part I liked the most is the intro.

  2. well....i dont mind WAAAA music alot of the time but i just couldnt understand most of that so i looked up the lyrics and lol'd at "We lose control
    Like a pendulum" then i ended up reading and that was an hour ago ^_^ learning is fun xD

  3. Well not really my cup of tea but I enjoyed this particular song.

  4. video is not available in my country -.-

  5. Pendulum's don't really lose control. They're pretty accurate time keeping devices. The double pedal for the kick drum is sweet though.

  6. You should shorten that to SOTD, then we could all enjoy another acronym. Great song, btw.