Wednesday, 18 January 2012

IEM Kiev: League of Legends

So IEM Kiev is coming up and I thought I'd just write about it considering it's something I'm interested in.
First off, the groups.

Group A:
SK Gaming (Europe)
White Lotus (Europe)
Team SoloMid / TSM (USA)
Team Curse (USA)

Group B:
Moscow Five / M5 (Russia)
Team Sypher (France)
against All authority / aAa (Europe)
Dignitas (USA)

My Predictions for Group A:
SK 1st Place, TSM 2nd, Curse 3rd, and White Lotus 4th. 
Now if I was writing this about a week ago, I wouldn't have even put SK as second, the team has just recently come back from losing 2 of their members who went on to join another team (, however they have gained 2 new members who are amazing players, and having watched some of their games it seems they have teamwork and communication down to a t.
Was hard to place 2nd and 3rd because they're both pretty close teams, however recently Curse lost one of (i'd say the) best player on their team, and because of that I'd say TSM will take 2nd place.
White Lotus I haven't really heard much of, but I don't believe they'll top any of the 3 teams in Group A

My Predictions for Group B:
M5 1st, Sypher 2nd, Dignitas 3rd, aAa 4th.
So my reason for believing M5 will come top of this group is that they've been REALLY strong in some scrims with other top teams. They completely wrecked TSM in a couple of friendly games. They have amazing teamplay and I think they have great map control.
2nd place to Sypher, I don't know much about them but they surprised everyone with how well they did in a big tournament last year.
Dignitas 3rd and aAa 4th, I just don't think they're as strong as they have been in the past.

As far as I'm aware the first matches start tomorrow, and I will be posting about results and how well I think the teams played, what I think they did wrong, what I think they did right, etc etc..

For the people who aren't interested in LoL at all I'll try and post something else, because I want to appeal to all my followers, not just a certain few.

Thanks for reading, if you're interested in this upcoming tournament let me know in the comments, tell me what your predictions are. :)


  1. saw solo mid live at intel extreme masters last summer. theyre really good!

  2. You really know this stuff. I knew you'd find something to write about.

  3. I'm not interseted in playing but I love hearing about it!

  4. From your post it looks interesting!

  5. Now I want to play.