Saturday, 21 January 2012

Song of the Day (21/01/2012)

The Faceless - Xenochrist
One of their best songs. I now know I don't have many fans of heavy music following, but I'm posting this anyway :P

Also, I stopped with the Band of the Week posts, because I feel like, I'm posting a different song by a different band every time, so that's kind of like suggesting a band to you in a way, just without all the extra info :)


  1. Neat song! Definitely good for headbanging

  2. Agreed with stopping the band of week posts..

    If you really like an artist you could just write about them under the link to the song anyways.

  3. My favorite Faceless song EVER. I remember when they played this on Summer Slaughter Tour before the album came out and I said, man that new song KILLS. I've loved it ever since.