Tuesday, 3 January 2012

LoL Match History 02/01/2012

Bit late on posting this one, I was feeling kind of lazy yesterday (by kind of lazy I mean really lazy, slept like the whole day aswell)
Ignore the co-op vs ai, I just never played karthus before. Other than that, average day, 2 wins 2 losses. (AP Teemo so funny) Akali game I was doing kind of well I think, it's just 2 people on my team were Twitch and Evelynn so the enemy were spam buying oracles and vision wards, which completely fucked me over.
Trundle game I don't even remember, I think I remember doing quite well in that, but we just lost due to them winning team fights.

If you want any extra info about these games just let me know in the comments

(Sign up to LoL here: http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=4da24f19312f1203255089 )


  1. I'm considering signing up . . .

  2. This game looks like it could be fun! How about writing a new post that explains the game in a bit more detail with a few helpful tips on the best way to play?

  3. Just started playing with Ryze and really liking him so far. Just stack him with mana items and watch the enemies health dissapear when attacking them