Monday, 16 January 2012

Song of the Day (16/01/2012)

The Boy Will Drown - Deepthroat
Amazing band, it's a shame they split up. I saw these guys live twice. 
The guy who actually directed this video is from the town I live in :P It's a funny video ;)

So much for welfare
A constant barrier
All plans gone wrong
Oh it's gone to shit
This is so unjust
A plethora of past mistakes

You raped us for nothing
Of what's to come
Now I've an obsession with you

My conscience lies
We're breathing
You made your choice
Dreaming were alive
Lucidity prays. Weak!
On the souls
Dreaming they're alive

This is royal blood
Spilt, drenched the streets
A predetermined nightmare
Waiting for defeat

Bare this cross and learn
That time stands still for thieves
Reflected what I used to be

Don't pass the mirror, I won't look through
I'm hatred
The shadow, the shell I've become
Force-fed and left to gag
I must put on for God one hell of a show
'Cause I prayed.


  1. lol funny vid, such an angry voice out of such a little chap ^_^

  2. That was pretty entertaining.

  3. never really heard of them but they sound not all that bad, nice blog by the way.

  4. never heard of these guys but really dug the song. Infact that song deserved a better/professional quality video. I've gotten a little tired of noodly technical death stuff lately but this song had some hooks that didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth. too bad they're gone now =/

  5. That actually made me lol, great video!

    I've never heard of this band either but I'm always happy to learn about new bands, no use in sticking to the same ol' same ol'.

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  7. Pretty decent music all in all. I will hold off my opinion of the guys in the video though. haha