Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Song of the Day (17/01/2012)

Martyr Defiled - Goldstein
AMAZING UK Band. This is a new song by them. Enjoy!

This is a war of attrition
You're fucking scum
And I'm on the front fucking line.
I am the monster you dream about
I am the reason for your nightmares

You are a stain on the earth
I am the butchers son, you're a fucking pig
I'll watch you bleed

Sit the fuck down, I know who you are

You'll be the first to burn when your god comes calling
Your despotic reign will be the end of me

You dug your own fucking grave
Now go and lie in it
Rot in the earthern bed that you made for yourself
Your existence means nothing to me
No-one is coming back for you

Read: Gonna go back on all my Song of the Day posts and add lyrics if they're available.


  1. My friends default ringtone lol. Funny. Good song regardless.


  2. yeah great song ;] following !

  3. My sentiments exactly, what Goldman Sachs did in my country is unforgivable and then they dared to show their faces at our economic summit. Kudos to you for posting this song.

  4. Not gonna lie to you - I hate death metal.

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    1. I actually enjoyed it. The intro was good and the video waw great. The song itself was bearable. I`m not that into metal, mate. :)

  6. Anne- we're on the same wavelength. I just read that the average executive salary at GS is in the millions. Average salary.

  7. love any song that references Orwell

  8. Little screamy, but still like it :) you got a new follower :D +1

  9. Thanks for the lyrics :) I would never of understood it otherwise :P

  10. Nice share, thanks for the song!